Get your devices to patients faster.

Ability to export to CAD

Export our 3D mesh file and import directly into your CAD program and get to work. No extra steps involved for you.

Accurate, ready for design

Design personalized devices or patient-specific instrumentation with highly accurate files, without the risk of errors or inconsistencies caused by manual segmentation.

Faster turnaround time

Eliminate manual work and internal delays with cloud-based segmentation platform to free up time for your engineers to work on the more important tasks.

How it works

Axial3D’s solution starts with creating a case on our secure online platform. Once you've selected your anatomy and provided details about your case, you can upload your DICOM data directly or connect it with your PACS department. And that's all.

The data is then segmented with Axial3D's automated, AI driven cloud-based platform, verified by a biomedical engineer and available for you to view online within the same platform and export as a 3D Mesh file.

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