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The market is rapidly shifting from off-the-shelf devices to personalized surgical solutions to enhance patient care and improve outcomes. Current patient-specific workflow solutions rely on desktop-based systems, require manual intervention by costly expert users, and cannot meet the urgent need for rapid scaling. Axial3D specializes in providing a scalable, automated solution for transforming DICOM images into actionable 3D data, leveraging patented technology powered by machine learning algorithms and AI-assisted automation.

Increase your capacity with the same resources

Optimize the development of custom devices for faster time-to-market

Streamline workflows by having all the data in one place

Patient-Centric Innovations

Orthopedic and CranioMaxillofacial Solutions

Enabling personalized surgical solutions at scale.

  • 3D surgical planning

  • Navigation and robotic surgery

  • 3D printed anatomical models

  • Guides and implants

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Enabling patient matched devices for a quality fit.

  • 3D surgical planning

  • Device planning and selection

  • 3D printed anatomical model

  • Custom implants

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Data-Driven 3D Solutions


Service ready for you to get started today

Full-service, end-to-end modeling service that provides you with actionable 3D data in 3 easy steps and we do the rest including image acquisition, AI-driven segmentation and quality assurance to providing digital mesh files for you to download or a 3D printed model shipped to you.

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Webinar: How to create actionable 3D data

Hear from Axial3D founder, Dan Crawford, and CTO, Rory Hanratty as they walk you through the features of INSIGHT and our Patient Specific Platform, plus provide a live demonstration of how we can create actionable 3D data from medical images for you.

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Axial3D's Scalable Advantage

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Cloud-Based Architecture

Connect anywhere and facilitate scalable infrastructure, ensuring efficient resource allocation under increased demand.

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AI-Assisted Automation

Enhance efficiency and reduce manual work, making it easier to handle a growing volume of data without a proportional increase in human effort.

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Tailored Workflows and Tools

Customizable to your application, ensuring seamless integration with your workflow management platform.

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Trusted Source

Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant, ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 Certified, FDA Cleared (for INSIGHT)